Mustard & Ketchup

Mustard & Ketchup are Out! This same-sex married badger duo will feature in a variety of platforms, but their first foray into the world of entertainment has come in the form of their befuddled efforts to create a music video for Mute Records Looper. This music video has been nominated for Best Animation at the Celtic Media Festival Awards 2018. Read all about it on Out.com . You can follow Mustard & Ketchup on Instagram

A Bear Named WojtekABNW_conceptWe are developing a half hour animated special based on the inspirational story of Wojtek, the Syrian Brown bear adopted by a platoon of the Polish Army during WWII which found itself exiled in Scotland. A co-production with Illuminated Film Company and Filmograph, Poland. Watch our tease trailer below..

Previous success!

Looper – Skinny Legs 

Directed by our own Iain Gardner, we created these visuals for Scottish Indie/Electronic band Looper.

The Tannery 

Our creative director Iain Gardner’s short film screened at over 50 International Film Festivals, gaining a Staff Pick on Vimeo in addition to qualifying for the 2011 Academy Awards! The film was produced by our friends at the amazing Axis Animation, based in Glasgow.

Akbar’s Cheetah 

Iain Gardner’s first professional short film was commissioned by Channel 4 and produced at TVCartoons, the same company which gave the world THE SNOWMAN and WHEN THE WIND BLOWS.